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The Courtney Elizabeth Photography Experience

My style is natural and organic, as I seek to capture the beautiful moments and emotions that make your story unique. There is so much that I'm passionate about, but most of it boils down to relationships. I love being able to support marriages through the images I create - I get all excited when talking with clients about how they'll have images from their engagement and wedding to show their grandchildren some day. Those images are a reminder of the beautiful love two people share, and they're a safe haven to come back to when the going gets rough. 

This means that I walk with you through your engagement, doing my very best to make sure that photography isn't just one more stressful thing you need to check off the list. I help you design a schedule for your wedding day, choose which family photos are essential, and give any other advice I can - whether it be about which type of sparklers to buy or great nearby photo locations.

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