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Travel: Glacier & Banff National Parks

About a year ago, Andy and I started dreaming about going to Glacier National Park in Montana. I love research, so I started looking into our options for campsites, the gear we'd need, the best hikes, and the food we'd take with us. We scoured our calendar for the best dates, working around when I had weddings. Eventually, we were on a plane headed west for the adventure of a lifetime.

As anyone who works from home knows, it's difficult to get away from work. I'm doing my best to set guidelines for myself and make sure I take time off, and getting away from home for at least a few days at a time every now and then is important to us. Because of all this, I was beyond excited to go exploring and leave all my editing gear at home.

If you're interested in our full itinerary or have questions about our trip, feel free to email me at


Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Breakfast many days - fruit, granola & powdered milk, and coffee

Highline Hike in Glacier National Park (above & below)

A hungry ground squirrel on the Highline hike

Haystack Pass on the Highline hike

Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park

Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

Hike to Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park

Grinnell Lake, Glacier National Park

Trail to Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Campground, Glacier National Park

Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park

Near Citadel Pass, Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia

Two Jack Lakeside Campground, Banff, Alberta

Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta

Moraine Lake, Banff, Alberta

Two Jack Lake, Banff, Alberta

Helicopter ride with Rockies Heli over Canmore and Banff, Alberta

Driving from Banff to British Columbia and then back to the United States

Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park

Bowman Lake Campground, Glacier National Park

Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park

Making lunch with our pocket rocket stove along the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park

Along Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park

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