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Snuggle Sessions

I am so excited to release a new type of photo session that are so close to my heart - snuggle sessions! I love getting cozy and cuddly with my loved ones and being totally present for that, but I also love having images to look back on those moments.

These sessions are perfect for families with young kids (or any family that loves to snuggle) and couples. We'll set up a date that works for you, I'll come hang at your house while you make some tea or grab some popcorn, and you'll get comfy in bed or on the couch. I'll then give you some prompts to help you interact in an authentic way and we'll take it from there. These should be low stress and lots of fun!

These sessions will be 30 minute sessions for $150 if booked before February 23rd. At that point the price will be $200, so hop on it for a great deal. If you'd like a bit more time during your session, I also have 60 minute sessions available for $250 until February 23rd.

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