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My clients are my favorite thing about photography.

To be honest, I didn't expect that when I decided to pursue photography as a career. As any photographer can tell you, there are so many unexpected things you learn as you start a photography business - like how put on a boutineer because no one else knows how to and how complicated taxes are (though I really should have expected that).

As I wrap up the year and look back on all that's transpired, a consistent theme is how encouraging and authentic my clients have been. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes, offering me food and drink, moving anything I ask, and putting up with me standing on your chairs to get the best shot. You've pulled out your silliest dances to get your kids to smile, taken me to the airport with you to be among the first to greet your adopted child, waded into creeks because I asked, made sure I got a piece of cake, told me about how you first met, texted me pictures of your rings or your wedding dress, and given me cupcakes to take home to my husband.

Most of all, thank you for sharing your lives with me. Though you may have been stressed when your youngest child wouldn't smile or things just didn't seem to be going perfectly, thank you for trusting me to be there with you in that. I'm so grateful that you're teaching me how to love, how to parent, and how to roll with the punches. I deeply care about each of you - each family, couple, child that I photographed this year - and I can't thank you enough for caring about me. You're the best.

Much love,


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