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My Family's Christmas Card Photos!

One of my family's favorite Christmas traditions is to go cut down our tree at this rustic farm north of here. Historically, dad takes way too long finding the perfect tree and mom insists that "they all look nice once they're decorated." The three of us kids (four, now that Andy's in the picture) generally just stirred up trouble and picked the ugliest trees to make dad get upset. We'd bring hot chocolate and cookies and all be good friends again by the end of the outing. By now, everyone has relaxed a bit and finding a tree is some of the most fun we have all year.

This year we decided to try to take our Christmas card photos while out tree hunting. This was a great idea except for the chill and rain. Despite that, we ended up with such a fun set of photos. Enjoy!

The final product:

Merry Christmas!

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