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Lifestyle Session: Jones

What is a Lifestyle Session?

As I learn and grow as a photographer, I've slowly moved away from traditional, posed family portraits. I'm passionate about capturing authentic moments and emotions for my clients. I call these "lifestyle sessions," and I've slowly been infusing a lifestyle aesthetic into my work as I ask families to interact or play together, rather than simply setting up a specific pose. While I'm happy to still snag a few of those more traditional portraits (you'll generally find a mix in any family session I do), my focus is on the relationships within a family. This type of session can take place in your home or meaningful outdoor location and I'm so excited to photograph more of you this year!

I had a chance to spend time with a dear cousin-ish family member (I've been told we're second counsins once removed), her husband, and one of the cutest little dudes I've ever met. To get a better feel for what I mean be "Lifestyle," take a look at these images...

Jones took a turn with my camera. He's still working on some focus issues, but he'll be a pro soon enough:


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