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Our Adventure Session with Kelley Spurlock

Last April Kelley and I connected and I immediately fell in love with her style - and, to be honest, with her as a person and business-owner. Kelley is one of those people who goes after what she wants and isn't afraid of the risk. She's passionate and outdoorsy, and we can both talk on and on about Glacier National Park and Montana. Needless to say, by the time we finally got around to meeting up in September for this shoot at Rickett's Glen I basically felt like we were best friends or at least cousins.

When Kelley suggested an "Adventure Session" I was all about it. As you have to have figured out by now, Andy and I love being outside, so this was a perfect fit for us.

Kelley, you're the best. I know these are images that we'll treasure for years and years, and that is such a gift. Thank you.

We started out with a little climb down to this waterfall. Andy and I hadn't been to Rickett's Glen before, and we will definitely need to go back.

Coffee break! My grandpop recently gave me his old thermos, so we filled that puppy up with coffee and found a gorgeous spot in the woods for a break.

After coffee, we hiked a bit further to come to this gorgeous, open waterfall. I could have sat here all day.

You can't see it in this image, but our feet are in the water here and geeze oh man was it cold!

One of my favorite things about these images is that we're laughing in so many of them, which is such a good representation of our relationship.

I loved having Kelley shoot this Adventure Session for us, and I would love to shoot one for you! Engagements are a great time for this sort of session (only if it fits you as a couple, of course!), but I'm a firm believer in getting photos done even if it isn't for a specific event. Your love is special and I want to celebrate it!

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