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Jersey Shore Engagement Session

I first connected with Brittany and Josh after photographing a wedding they attended. When I asked where they would like to do their engagement session, Brittany didn't hesitate and mentioned a small park in New Jersey that's just down the street from her home. Windward Park happens to not just be close to where she lives, but is also where they got engaged!

These two were such good sports. I convinced them a "sunrise" session would be the best option (mostly due to the afternoon/evening rain we were supposed to get that day), though we didn't see too much of the sun during our shoot. In fact, it was cold and drizzly the whole time. The crazy thing, though, is that you can't tell when you look at the images! These two fully embraced this time together and clearly enjoy being together.

Britt and Josh, you two are stunning and I can't wait to photograph your wedding! Thanks for trusting me and for dancing in the rain.

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