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New Jersey Wedding: Ashley & Cameron

Ashley and Cameron were set up by relatives, and I love a good blind date story! Their best man regaled everyone at the reception with tales of his first conversations with Cameron after Cameron met Ashley and it had everyone laughing. Ashley's matron and maid of honor (her two sisters) so clearly adore her, and spoke of how thankful they were that she had found such a good guy in Cameron. What a blessing to have family that is so close and supportive.

I loved getting to know these two. They're kind and unassuming, yet ready to let loose and have some fun. Speaking of which, their reception was a ball! I hope you get a feeling for the party that was their reception because we had a blast celebrating and capturing all the craziness that took place. Ultimately, everyone seemed to be on the same page that this was a celebration of a beautiful union between two lovely people. Based on the way these two care for one another, I have no doubt that their marriage will be a meaningful, beautiful one. Congratulations, Ash & Cam!

You may see some folks you recognize in these photos - I shot Ashley's sister Breanna's wedding this past fall! You can see their beautiful beach wedding here.

The groomsmen gave Cameron a Bible full of notes from important men in his life. Such a meaningful, thoughtful gift.

Praying together before Cameron got to marry his beautiful bride!

Cameron and Ashley chose not to see each other before the ceremony, but they exchanged notes and prayed together.

I hadn't seen this before - the family all joined the couple for a prayer during the service. It was so beautiful to see all their closest people surrounding them in love.

Ashley & Cameron's reception was held in Ashley's family's backyard under a big, white tent.


You know dessert is going to be incredible when the bride's sister happens to be a pastry chef.

You can find her website here.

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