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Wissahickon Valley Park Engagement: Lauren & Jon

Lauren and Jon met in high school through mutual friends, started dating a few months later, and have been together ever since. They've weathered years of long distance and it only deepened their love. These two are artists - she's a painter and he's a musician (I can't even tell you all the instruments he plays because I got lost when he started listing them all!) - and they live in Philly. I'm so impressed by people who thrive on city life, as it's so overwhelming to me!

As I sit here to write this, it's only fitting that I'm listening to The Beatles' song Blackbird. Near the end of our session, Jon pulled out his guitar, and he serenaded Lauren, singing this very song. It was a sacred moment. After getting to know these two, I'm not surprised that such a beautiful moment happened for us.

When I asked about their engagement and how it happened, Lauren laughed a bit and told Jon to tell the story. They had been together for about 8 years when Lauren's grandmother asked Jon why he hadn't proposed yet! He replied that he was saving up for a ring. Soon after, Lauren's grandmother got Jon alone and gave him her ring so he could propose. He held onto it until finally, one night, he and Lauren were sitting on their front stoop. They had just moved further into the city and were taking in the new sights. Lauren, knowing that her grandmother had given Jon the ring, told him to go get it and propose right then and there - she wanted to get married! So he did. As Jon got down on one knee right there on the stoop, an intoxicated(?) man stumbled down the sidewalk and, completely oblivious to the special moment happening, hollered, "Do you know where I can get some potato chips?!"

I love Lauren and Jon's engagement story because it fits them - it's beautiful and sweet, but also a little goofy. Enjoy this romantic session from Wissahickon Valley Park. Lauren and Jon were such troopers and I took them through woods and fields to get these shots. I know it was all worth it!

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