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Our Gender Reveal

One of the most common questions we got during the first 5 months of our pregnancy was if we were going to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. Our answer was a definite "yes!" While neither of us had a preference, we were excited to start thinking about our little one as a boy or a girl and I was especially excited that it would cut our name options in half!

Our families gathered at my parents' farm for a fun evening of food, fellowship, and the big reveal. At this point no one except my mom knew whether we were having a boy or girl - even Andy and I were surprised! Mom had ordered several smoke grenades in the appropriate color (blue for a boy, pink for a girl) and covered the labels so we couldn't see what color they were until the smoke started pouring out.

All photos below taken by Jeff's lovely girlfriend, Natalie, unless otherwise noted.

Praying for our little one before we found out he would be a boy!

Kristian (of Kristian Golick Films) joined us to take some photos and video - I can't wait to share our maternity video when it's complete in a few months!

Thanks to everyone who was involved - it was so special to have our family with us when we found out that we're having a boy!

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