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Our Baby Shower

If you know anything about my mother, you probably know that she's a planner and that she loves deeply. When it was time to start thinking about my baby shower, she asked my input on the date and guest list, but insisted on surprising me with everything else - and it was a wonderful surprise! Andy and I came away from the day feeling so loved by so many people in our lives. Over the years my mom has developed deep friendships with several women, and these women showed up in a big way to bless Andy and I and to make our day special. I consider these women all "aunts," though only one of them - my Aunt Patsy - is biologically related to us. They, along with my mom and Andy's mom, did such a beautiful job created a woodland-themed shower to celebrate our little boy.

The woodland critters theme was so perfect for Andy & I, as we can't wait to introduce our little one to the great outdoors. Not a single detail was overlooked, from tasty snacks that fit the theme to handmade gifts that we'll treasure forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who made our shower a success, whether by simply being there to celebrate with us or by arriving several days early to help finish up the details. We can't wait to introduce you all to our little one!

Isn't this invitation the cutest??

If you've known me for any period of time, you know that I love food, so I couldn't get over this adorable spread!

These adorable (and delicious) cookies were created by The Green Lane Baker. Check her out!

I loved my delicate floral crown! It was custom made by Simply Inspired Designs.

One of my best friends from graduate school, Drew of Tall Timber Printworks, created these beautiful pen and ink with watercolor pieces that I can't wait to hang in our nursery!

Hand-painted onesies that were gifted to us - I can't wait to put our little guy in them!

I love reading and I can't wait to read aloud to our boy, so mom asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card. Our little library is now well-stocked!

Thanks to my dad for the following photos of Andy & I!

Me, Andy, Mom, and "The Aunties."

The ladies who made the shower such a great success! Thank you!

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