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5 Great Gifts for Newlyweds

I did much of my shopping early this year, as I wanted to be prepared for Christmas before our little guy made his appearance, but I think I might be in the minority! If you're still looking for a Christmas gift for the newlywed couples in your life, look no further...

1. "First Christmas" ornament

Andy and I love the ornament my parents gifted to us for our first Christmas together and it gets prominently displayed every year. Etsy is a great place to find fun, personalized, handmade ornaments like this.

2. Date Night Box Subscription

To be quite honest, Andy and I haven't done this one, but doesn't this sound like such a fun idea?! Every month the couple receives a box with a fun activity to do together (like make sushi, learn to dance, etc).

Image from DateBox

3. Hold Me Tight

This is one of the best marriage books I've read. I'd suggest only giving this to a couple that you're close to, though, and who will understand that you aren't suggesting that they're having marital trouble already.

4. Instax Camera (& film!)

Remember the days of polaroid cameras? This camera produces instant photos, just like a polaroid, but about the size of a credit card. I love grabbing mine when Andy and I are doing something fun, like getting our Christmas tree, because I know the photos won't get lost in the digital world of my phone. They aren't the highest quality prints, but I kind of like that and that isn't really the point. It's super simple to use, and the film isn't terribly expensive (I buy mine on Amazon).

5. Wedding Album

Many couples don't end up getting physical prints of their photos from their wedding day, which makes me a little sad. After creating all those beautiful images I love for them to be displayed! A great way to do this is in an album, and I'd love to help you make this happen! Click here for more information on the album offerings I have.

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