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Valley Forge Engagement: Dot & Phil

Sometimes in life you don't find your person until a bit later, and that's Dot and Phil's story. They are certainly making up for lost time, though, with how crazy sweet they are together. Phil wasn't so sure about the whole engagement photo thing (hey, I get it, I get anxious about being in front of the camera, too!), but I wouldn't have known based on how comfortable and at home these two are together. Dot asked if we could do their photos at Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge, but it wasn't until we were exploring the area together that they filled me in on why this was a special place for them. Dot and Phil are self-proclaimed history nerds, so they went to this very spot for their third date, and it was at this point that she really started to think this relationship could be *something* (though it sounds like Phil may have thought that even earlier... you'll have to ask him!).

These two have such an electricity between them and I'm sure you can see the way they adore each other and enjoy one another. That's one of my favorite things about my couples - seeing how they enjoy simply being together. These two get married in a few short weeks and I'm so thrilled to be able to celebrate their union with their friends and family!

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