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Lakeside Camp Engagement: Caitlin & Scott

When Caitlin and I started talking about her engagement session she asked if we could do it at Lake Sherwood in West Virginia. I'd never heard of it, so she explained that her fiance Scott grew up working at the boat rental shack on a lake where there was also a well-loved campground. I love photographing couples in places that have significance for them, and I love it even more when those spots also happen to be gorgeous. Scott filled me in on some of the history of the camp and I got to meet his Pawpaw when he came to drop off a rowboat for us to use. What a rich experience!

Caitlin and Scott started dating almost three years ago (on June 29, our wedding anniversary), and they met while Scott was working at this very campground and she was working in the nearby town. Tiny towns generally only have one or two places to hang out, and that worked out pretty well for these two, as that's how they ended up meeting!

We decided to be totally crazy and take our four month old camping for the first time so that we could stay at the campground at Lake Sherwood (I'll have another blog post about that sometime soon). If you're ever in West Virginia, this is a spot that shouldn't be missed!

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