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Acadia National Park Couple Session: Amy & Jon

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that we were in Acadia for a week in September. It was my first time there and such an incredibly beautiful place. As such, I really wanted to shoot a session with a couple while there. Unfortunately, a few different options fell through and I was left couple-less. Until I met Amy, that is. Amy was working in the park this summer and we started chatting. As I heard pieces of her story I realized that I would love to photograph her and her partner, Jon, who was also working in the park. The stars aligned and we met up for a session a few days later.

When I asked Amy and Jon how long they had been together, he knew that it was 5 years and 15 days. The first "met" in a bar in Portland, OR, but they didn't actually talk until she left the bar and he chased after her, finally catching up two blocks later. They've been together ever since. Last October they decided that they wanted to live rent free for a year, so they've spent the past months doing all sorts of things all across the country - house sitting, couch surfing, and now working in a National Park.

I loved spending time with these two. They're vibrant, engaging people who are taking each day as it comes, which is something I'm still working on. Thanks for sharing your love with us, Amy & Jon.

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