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Andy & I: Couple Session in Rocky Mountain National Park

When Cedar & Pines photographed Andy & I in Rocky Mountain National Park I was nervous - what if the outfits I spent days choosing looked bad (funny enough - it ended up being even colder than I expected, so we switched up what we were wearing last minute anyway)? What if I make weird expressions and hate every photo? What if our photographer doesn't like us or thinks we aren't a "good couple"? Do I look awkward when I put my hands like this?

I know my clients feel some of these same things and have a wide array of fears and doubts before their session. I know and appreciate the fact that being photographed is intimate, as it lets a stranger into a deeply personal relationship with those you love most. As a photographer, I feel a huge sense of responsibility to you - to tell your story well and to do so honestly and kindly.

Not only is it intimate to let a photographer into your relationship (whether with your fiance, spouse, children, etc), but being photographed is also a declaration that you are worth being seen. (As an aside, I think this is why boudoir photography can be so empowering.) I'm not certain if this is something men experience as strongly, but the women I photograph are often on a journey to more fully own their body, their power, and their place in the world. I know I'm certainly still figuring that out.

So, what does all this mean for you? Do your research and find a photographer who you LOVE - both their work and them as a person. I found Cedar & Pines and started following them on instagram. I loved the intimacy and honesty of their work, but I also loved that, as a couple Megan and Nate (the faces behind Cedar & Pines) were down to earth, loved the outdoors like us, and seemed almost as goofy and quirky as Andy and I. Once you've done your research, simply TRUST your photographer. Trust that they'll tell you if you look awkward and help you find a different body position that works better for you. Trust that they'll honor your story as a family or couple. Trust that they care deeply about their craft.

Hopefully, if you do your research and then trust your photographer, you'll end up with images that you love as much as I love these of Andy & I. These were shot in Rocky Mountain National Park at two different locations above the tree line. It's super important to stay off the tundra, as walking on it can kill it, so we were sure to stay on the trail and hard surfaces like large rocks. It was incredibly windy and there was a bit of snow while we were shooting, but I'm all about embracing the elements (and snuggling closer to Andy), and we loved everything about our session. Thanks, Megan and Nate!

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