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Intimate Wedding: Bev & Merrill

Gloria (or "Meme" to me) was one of the most spunky, ornery women I've ever met. When my Poppy first asked her out on a date, she "accidently" double-booked herself with two different young men on the same night and made them have a car race to decide with whom she'd go out. Poppy jokes that he isn't sure if he won or lost that race, but they were married soon thereafter and spent 50 years living on our family's farm, raising children, and doting on the grandchildren who lived right next door (including me!).

When Meme passed away five years ago, we didn't just lose a Christmas cookie baker extraordinaire. We lost a fiery, yet caring matriarch. It was only fitting that her favorite color was red.

Sometime after Meme died, Poppy reconnected with a long-time family friend who lived up near our place in the Poconos. He started mentioning long lunches with a certain someone at a restaurant called the Fireplace, and we weren't sure what to make of it. Poppy started acting like a giddy schoolboy whenever he was with her, and seeing my grandpop so happy was definitely worth welcoming someone new into our close-knit family.

Poppy & Bev - I am so, so happy for you and it was so special to be a part of your wedding. I still miss Meme, and Bev, I know you will never replace her. The beautiful thing, though, is that you haven't tried to be her. You have been your own wonderful, ornery, spunky self. Thank you for that. Welcome to the family!

In case you couldn't tell, these two are so in love and deeply enjoy being together.

All the best to you, Bev & Poppy.

And Bev - you're stuck with us now!

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