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Adoption Homecoming: The Thompson Family

Adoption is something I've been fascinated by for years. Sometime during college I decided that, once married and ready for kids, Lord willing, my husband and I would adopt. Since then, as I've read and learned as much as I can about the adoption process, I've realized that adoption is so much harder and so much more beautiful than I first thought.

The Thompson family first welcomed Daiana into their family for a short period of time a few summers ago. Their biological daughter, Abby, had a heart for missions, but her parents weren't so sure about sending her thousands of miles away for a short-term missions trip. Instead, they did what they refer to as a reverse mission trip, and had Daiana, a teenager from the Ukraine, come stay with them. She came back again at Christmas, and it was then that they discussed bringing her into their family permanently.

Well, as any family that has gone through the adoption process knows, there is a lot of waiting, anxiety, and money involved in adopting. The Thompsons have been back and forth to the Ukraine multiple times this year, and this last time they were gone for three weeks. We talked before they left, and we decided that I would ride to the airport with Drew and Abby, their biological children, in a limo so the three of us could greet the Thompson parents and Daiana when she finally came to the States for good. What a journey. After an intimate welcome at the airport, Daiana was celebrated enthusiastically by friends and family back at the Thompsons' house. What a feeling - to know that your daughter is finally home with you where she belongs.

A few folks had made signs to welcome Daiana home, and one especially struck me: "Always under the same stars. Finally under the same roof."

Welcome home, Daiana.

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