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Lake Nockamixon Engagement: Katie & Cory

Several years ago I decided I wanted to be an art teacher, so I went through grad school, got certified, and got a teaching job at the local Christian school where I attended growing up. I'm now pursuing photography instead of teaching, but there are lots of reasons I'm glad I spent time in that elementary art classroom. One of those reasons is that I started wandering down the hall every day to see the music teacher, Miss Katie Lear. Katie was another young teacher, and I loved getting to know her as we ate lunch together and tried to figure out the best way to handle rowdy students.

Katie and Cory were introduced just a few weeks before I met Katie, so I've been able to keep tabs on their relationship. They were set up by family members, and I'm always a big fan of matchmaking, as that's how my husband and I met. Dinner and a movie turned into weekly dinner dates and now they're planning the rest of their lives together!

I love how goofy and carefree Katie is around Cory. All the best, you two, and I can't wait for your wedding next summer!

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