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Green Lane Engagement: Leah & Quiggs

On the May afternoon when they got engaged, Quiggs serenaded Leah with Jack Johnson's song Better Together during a hike at Green Lane Park. It's so fitting that this is "their song" because these two really do seem better together. We hiked back to that same spot where they got engaged, and he picked a great location to pop the question because the autumn leaves look stunning on the lake at this time of year!

At one point during our session I asked Quiggs to make Leah laugh, so he leaned down and I imagined he was whispering in her ear. She laughed for several minutes until she pulled away and said to me, "In full disclosure, he didn't even say anything!" I love when my couples enjoy being together that much.

Congrats, Leah & Quiggs! I'm so excited about walking through your engagement with you and celebrating your wedding next June!

The location where Quiggs proposed to Leah! <3

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