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Christmas Mini Sessions

To be quite honest, when I first started thinking about doing Christmas Mini Sessions, I read what a lot of other photographers have to say about them, and it almost scared me away! I must have managed to find some of the most amazing clients, though, because I thought these were a blast!

Here are just a few of my personal favorites from the day.

When this family showed up all the way from New Jersey with this puppy and these outfits, I just about died and went to photographer heaven. I mean, how perfect is this?!

I only spent a short amount of time with these kiddos, but I'm fairly certain this photo captures their personalities perfectly.

I've never particularly loved small dogs UNTIL NOW. Look at that face! And that bow tie!

Introducing some of the sweetest kids in the world!

Tickles! Love this candid moment with the Bergey family.

I don't care if this little lady has been bad or good this year - I'm sure she'll get herself on the "Nice" list with a smile like that!

Don't let the serious face fool you! This little guy has the brightest smile!

Double trouble with these twins! I loved the colors this family chose!

What a good looking family! Mini sessions were so fun for families of all ages!

And finally, the award for the best siblings. These three were so sweet and attentive.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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